Creation & Completion

Photo Credit: David Whittaker

Photo Credit: David Whittaker


In any pursuit, we face challenges we have to overcome and reading the signs is much easier in hindsight.

Is the law of attraction real? 

If so, we see many people who work very hard for their dreams and never get there no matter what they do and see others get what they want much easier.

Is nature nurture true? 

We see many children who are adopted who never really adapt to their environment in which they are raised. We see other children who are raised by their biological parents and cannot break free from the chains of the family no matter how much therapy they have as adults.

So what is real? 

In the Western world, we are taught about the world of creation - get an education, so you will have the skills for a career to get the things that you want and need in your life. If we look at the masses most are robots who submit themselves and pay the internal price of happiness for the material world. 

In the East, traditionally you are taught about the world of completing your karma. Look at Buddhist temples - they are set up to complete karma. A great Buddhist proverb is do nothing yet leave nothing undone because your life is devoted to completing your karma that is your major focus. 

Why would this be interesting to Athletes?

Because the answer to change and upgrade your talents is to first become aware of your karma. The way to do that is to look at what you are attracted to and what are your addictions to things that hold you in bondage, then your job is to break free from the law of reversibility which comes in threes (3 mins, 3 days, 3 months, etc.). When you can break free of the chains of your addictions and do the actions that are needed to get the results you desire - you will have your best fighting chance to attain more of your goals and then some. 

The path is never straight and most of the answers are hidden from you as you are in your own movie. This is where Conscious Athletes shines. We support you through the challenges when you are at your worst, we are at our best, and utilize this to get you through and leverage all your efforts.