How to be a Scratch Golfer and a Successful Business Person

Photo Credit: Igor Ovsyannykov.

Photo Credit: Igor Ovsyannykov.


Kerry Packer a Business Tycoon from Australia won the AT&T classic with Greg Norman in 1992. You can buy a lot of things with money but you cannot buy a win in stroke play golf.

The Conscious Athletes works with busy business executives to lower their handicap by working with a team including a teaching pro, golf specific fitness instruction, caddies, and mental coaching.

Chipping away at specific practice sessions weekly and being held accountable to your learnings, players have dropped their handicaps to singles figures in short amounts of time.

Here are a few questions to get you started on your way to starch golf:

  1. Do you have your clubs customized?
  2. How often are you getting lessons on all areas of your game? You will need this a twice a week minimum.
  3. Are you working with your caddie on course management?
  4. What exercise and healthy daily routines are you committed to?
  5. What daily mental routines are you committed to?
  6. Are you playing a weekly stroke round in competition? At different championship courses?
  7. What technology have you incorporated to learn about your game? Keeping statistics is a good start.
  8. Are you playing with other scratch players and or Pro’s?
  9. Have you traveled and played in diverse conditions?

If you are ready to be the best golfer you can be and would like to have all the above provided and organized for you so all you have to do is show up contact the Conscious Athletes today.