Conscious Athletes is pioneering a movement for mental strength in Athletes by collaborating with experts - adding value to this field.

We provide the mental edge for you to win in your sport. By using your sport as the teacher Conscious Athletes has a tailored approach to become a master with the intangibles.

Specializing in working with all athletes, we believe that the next greatest growth in sports is developing your mental toughness. It has been said, that to be at the top of your game it is 80% mental. If this is a true statement, what percentage do you train your mental game at?

Our founder Mark Harradine has developed mental strategies based on his own personal experience of playing tennis at the professional level with a unique understanding of human behavior; he equips the most promising athletes in their sport to evolve into minds of a champion.









The Conscious Athletes have a practical approach that helps players deal with what it really takes to be a world-class athlete. I believe in them because of their extensive understanding of human behavior in combination with their expertise as tennis players. This dynamic puts Conscious Athelets ahead of other professionals. I recommend them to all of my players.
— Grant Doyle (ATP Coach)