As Founder and CEO of Conscious Athletes, Mark Harradine has run two of his own professional coaching practices over the last 10 years, including high performance work with leaders of industry, and as a performance coach with elite athletes developing many of the world’s leading players to the highest level of their sport.

Using his unique understanding of human potential and inner development and his deep experience as a mental coach for top athletes, Mark applies himself to the complex systems of the business and political worlds. He supports leaders in these environments by lifting their altitude in strategic thinking and consequently dramatically enhancing their performance and success.

In a rich and unique career, Mark has been a professional tennis player, an executive assistant to a global educator, a mental coach for athletes, a business developer for a financial investment firm, and a business consultant. In addition, he has served as a member of the executive management team of Insight Seminars and Vice-President of the Institute for Individual and World Peace. A truly global citizen, Mark has been educated on three continents, and works around the Globe.

Mark’s hallmark is working with leaders who want to profoundly impact their world for a greater good, by raising consciousness for powerful socio-economic impact for a sustainable future. He has worked with executives across Fortune 500 companies in the United States and organizations in Australia and Europe. Mark has consulted executives in a variety of sectors including finance and banking, universities, aerospace, the entertainment and sports industry, and professional services.